Jack Hynes – Young Gun

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April 18, 2013 by Matthew Bradley

Jack Hynes has had a fantastic individual season. The Greenalls youngster has firmly nailed down a place in the starting line-up, displaying the competitive spirit every team dreams of having in their squad.

The signing of Hynes has proven to be a great piece of business by Greenalls, one of many young talents recruited in the summer. The transfer involved a unique bit of scouting;“I was asked to sign for Greenalls during the summer by Jimmy Bush after we met during a training session. He saw me having a kick-about with my brother. He asked me to come to pre-season training to try it out. After a couple of sessions pre-season it was clear that the standard of football was better and the fitness was higher therefore I decided to move teams”.

Although the Greens’ man is known for his brilliant tackling ability, when asked about his main quality this was not the answer given. “My main asset to the team I think is my fitness and endurance. Especially when playing right back, being able to run up and down the wings for most of the game is invaluable. However one area that I think needs to be improved is my verbal game. Communicating to other players on the peach and organising slightly better. I think this part of my game will develop as I understand the different style of football that is played in the Cheshire League”.

Hynes, who is famous for leaving opponents reeling due to his ability in the 50-50 challenge, has had to work hard to get to where he is. “Well the season didn’t start off too well with me having a ban for the first 6 games or so. Then I started in the reserve team with a few average games before getting a chance in the first team in the Guardian Cup”.

One of the reasons Hynes has played so many games this season is his versatility, playing in the centre of defence as well as in the right back position. Hynes believes playing right back suits his game more, although he relishes playing in the middle. “With not being as strong as some of the opponents that we face I think gives me a slight disadvantage when playing in the middle, however that is the role I most enjoy playing. Playing at right back though I think suits my game slightly more due to the amount of running and endurance needed. Playing in various positions definitely is an advantage because it allows you to see the game from a different perspective and therefore develop a greater understanding of what is going on around you”.

There is more to come from Hynes, as he believes this season was a season of adaptation, and settling in to a higher level than previously experienced. “Due to the different style of football in the Cheshire League I have spent pretty much all of the games I have played trying to adapt to the new style and pace. Moving into the first team with players who have played there for a few years has definitely helped that progression, but I think more improvement is definitely needed”.

Finally Hynes was asked about his current career highlights, and what he hopes to achieve in the game. “During my previous three years playing open age football, I have not really been in the hunt for any silverware so winning the Guardian cup is definitely the highlight of my footballing years”.

““My ambitions for my game is mainly to continuously improve. Training as hard as I can to get fitter, to understand the game better and generally improve every aspect of my game”

Speaking to Hynes it is obvious that he is a wise young man, with the ambition, determination and intelligence to continue progressing as a player. His answers are well thought out, and his responses  mix modesty with confidence in a way that instils belief that he will go far in the game.


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