View from the other side – Daniel Burthem (Eagle Sports)

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March 21, 2013 by Matthew Bradley

Today on GPSO News we bring a special feature called ‘View from the other side’. We spoke to Eagle Sports reserves midfielder Daniel Burthem about the upcoming derby, what he thinks about Greenalls and who to watch out for in the Eagle Sports side.

What do you think of Greenalls as a club, both the reserves and the first team?

DB: They have always been one of our big rivals, both the first team and the reserves.The reserves are flying this season, which us Warrington teams like to see in the Cheshire league.

So you like to see Greenalls doing well as a fellow Warrington team?

DB: Yeah, Greenalls always have a good pitch and a good set up to go too as well. I look forward to a local derby, one of the biggest games of the season.

Do you know of any Greenalls players, and how do you rate them?

DB: I know a few of the Greenalls players – Danny Topping and Jon Shakeshaft. I also used to play at Chester with Mike Evans, they are all good solid players.

From the Eagle side, who are the players to keep an eye on and what qualities do they have?

DB: The spine of the team are the best players. Richard Chinn who is returning from injury at centre-back is very tough! Rob Hope, who is the player/manager, is very classy in centre-midfield. Then Nath Williams and Ged McCalister are very quick up front.

What score do you think it will be on Saturday?

DB: I think with recent form Eagle should just edge it, but you never know in a local derby it could go anyway!

Are you going to give a score, or are you playing it safe?

DB: I’ll go for 3-1 to Eagle.

And finally, where do you see Greenalls and Greenalls reserves finishing this season, and do you think Greenalls will win the Guardian Cup?

DB: Yes, Runcorn Albion beat us in the semi-final and Greenalls should have too much for them. I think Greenalls will finish in the top 6 at least and hopefully Greenalls reserves slip up a few times to let us in with a chance of winning the league.


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